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Wrinkle Creams That Can Deliver On Their Claims (2013-11-2)

wcsI cannot think of anything else that will please my mother for her upcoming birthday. The last time we talked, she was telling me how hard she was trying to find the best wrinkle cream. But because she is not acquainted with the internet, she had a hard time gathering information about trustworthy anti wrinkle products. She told me that she asked her friends and some of our relatives for any wrinkle cream brand that they can recommend but she found out that those brands are not competitive enough. Considering that I have access to the internet and I can …

Ending Your Snoring Problems (2012-8-26)

Snoring is a problem that a large portion of today’s households face. Whether it is you or your spouse, snoring is a nuisance, and may lead to conditions that are more serious. Experts have studied that certain types of snoring might increase your chances of developing heart disease. Experts also mention that snoring can be one of the issues that lead to household and relationship problems. In need of an answer, a lot of people will ask, how do I stop snoring?

Here are two simple snoring remedies that might cure your snoring problem. Some people snore due to the …

How to Stop Snoring For Dummies (2012-8-20)

If you live alone, snoring might not be a disturbance for you; while snoring sometimes becomes a problem for couples, when one’s snoring troubles the others peaceful night. There are several ways you can consider to find out how to stop snoring, but before moving to them, here are some of the reasons why we snore. At nights, when muscles are all relaxed, human’s airways decrease in size and it results in a distortion of normal breathing. As a result, a human starts breathing via mouth and uvula tissue: if it is long and soft, produces the noise that is …

Cable Networks Lose “Experimental Edge” (2012-8-14)

The cable networks are right now in an experimental phase — they’re feeling around to determine how far they should go” in ponying up for the broadcast-network windows of theatricals, says Hal Vogel, a showbiz analyst for Cowen & Co.

Vogel says the acid test for Turner could come when Warner Bros.’ expected summer blockbuster “Batman and Robin” becomes available to presale to networks. The price will depend on how well the movie does at the box office — Turner will almost certainly have to make the commitment to buy it before final returns are in. As “Batman

Killing An Arthouse (2012-8-1)

Theaters like these are dying fast.Break out the TV Guide; television is rapidly replacing art-house theaters as the only place to See classic films. The art-house circuit is shrinking–not just in the big Cities, but also at the college campuSeS where moviegoers once found regular acceSS to classic films, including foreign titles. Now, instead Of showing the works of such filmmakers as Federico Fellini, Ingmar Bergman, Charlie Chaplin (and the other mainStays of the Circuit), along with such revered chestnuts as Casablanca, The African Queen and even Marx Brothers comedies, many college film programs opt for third-run action pictures starring Steven Seagal and Arnold

TV And Literacy – A Link? (2012-7-25)

My own introduction to the set of circumstances recognized by Hesse and codified by McLuhan took place in the early 1970s when I was asked by NBC television to consider writing a documentary about what was then known as “the energy crisis.” The network had gone to no small trouble or expense to collect nineteen hours of handsome film–footage of Arab oil sheiks and American politicians, of tankers riding at anchor in New York Harbor or streaming through the Strait of Hormuz, long lines of cars at California gas stations–but nobody knew what the pictures were supposed to mean. Until